The Book

UNMASKED2020: Colorado’s Radical Left Turn and a Warning to America, is approximately 280 pages, the fifteen chapters are written by different contributors. Five of the fifteen co-authors are current or former elected Colorado legislators, including a former President of the State Senate and a former chairman of the Senate Health Committee. Two are involved with broadcast journalism, two are attorneys, one the director of a university-based think tank, one a former deputy administrator of a federal agency, and another a former Colorado regional coordinator for Americans for Prosperity.

Excerpts from Unmasked 2020:

The Capitol symbolizes the majesty of Colorado and her people. An attack on the Capitol is a crime, not only against property, but against all it represents. Unless the law protects the people who obey it and punishes those who break it, Colorado will be doomed. Elected officials cowering from predators and leaving State property and records unprotected are yielding to mob rule, forsaking their oaths, and turning their backs on taxpaying citizens. That is gross nonfeasance or malfeasance, or both.
— Gray Buckley, “Capitol Security Takes a Knee”

In June, 2020, the $30 billion state budget was passed by Democrat majorities in the House and Senate of the Colorado General Assembly, and signed by the Governor. What neither the Governor nor the General Assembly’s Democrat leadership admitted or bothered to point out, however, is that the budget adopted by unanimous vote of all 60 Democrats in the General Assembly was neither “balanced” nor sustainable. In fact, we’re headed into a train wreck.
— Rep. Kim Ransom, “The Governor’s Budget Hits a Wall”

On March 16, the Governor’s Expert Emergency Epidemic Response Committee (GEEERC) held a meeting where they discussed Colorado’s response to the coronavirus. The committee discussed possible responses and as a first step recommended the closing of bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters and casinos in Colorado….GEEERC also discussed additional closures that would be implemented in the following days. The committee was not working with a lot of information, with one member declaring, “What we’re embarking on here is evidence-informed guesswork”.
— Karl Dierenbach, “A Pandemic of Hubris”

First the coronavirus pandemic upended everything. Then in May after another few weeks, racial tensions flared following the George Floyd death. Then before long, well-organized seditious elements began abusing the people’s freedom of assembly with violent nihilist riots. The shock and strain these compounding crises placed upon Colorado’s institutions of self-government, and on the elected officials leading them, can hardly be overstated….But I agree with our chapter authors that these leaders and too many others in state government, local government, public health, and law enforcement did not rise to the occasion as we the people had a right to expect they should.

–Former Senate President John Andrews, “A Warning to America”

“In mid- February the grassroots activists received a slap in the face.  The vaccination bill that was defeated last year came back to life.  SB 20-163, “School Entry Immunization,” was introduced….  Like last year, hundreds of parents with children in-hand testified before the Senate committee hearing.  Once again politicians disregarded the personal stories and comments from citizens and parents and passed the bill.”

— Kim Monson and Patti Kurgan, “Citizen Voices Silenced”

“It is time for the elected leaders of our state to put public health back into their proper role. They must, once again, become objective scientists who are ready and able to give good counsel to our elected leaders and the public. Never again should public health become our unaccountable and unelected rulers. — Former Senator Kevin Lundberg, “Public Health Today Means Command and Control”


John Andrews, Jeff Hunt, Kevin Lundberg, Randy Corporon, Rep. Kim Ransom, Rep. Dave Williams, Paul Seby, Sen. Rob Woodward, Karl Dierenbach, Kelly Sloan, Gray Buckley, Pat Kurgan, Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg, Charles Heatherly, Kim Monson

Topics & Issues Covered (Partial List)

  • The People’s House Under Siege
  • Big Storm Clouds of 2019
  • Gov. Polis’ Government by Edict
  • Our Arrogant Public Health Bureaucracy
  • Agency Rulemaking under the Radar
  • The State Budget hits a Wall
  • Activist Media Protects the Mob
  • Pandemic Science: Fact & Fiction
  • Capitol Security Takes a Knee
  • Culture War on Families and Children

This book was published in September, 2020 by The Republican Study Committee of Colorado.

The Republican Study Committee of Colorado ( is a voluntary association of elected Colorado legislators whose purpose is to formulate, support, and advocate legislative programs, actions and positions consistent with their Declaration of Principles. The RSCC is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization. Contributions are not tax deductible, but they do help defend our freedoms.