“Unmasked gives Americans just a taste of what is to come when progressives take charge and uproot the American political system in every way imaginable. Colorado is their lab and Coloradoans are their lab rats. The free spirit of Colorado is no match for the tyranny that has ensued and until we stop them from imposing their destructive and overreaching policies into every state, we can forget what a free America look like.”
­­— Jon Caldara

“Unmasked 2020 tells the complete story of how progressives yanked Colorado to the Left – from dominating its media to shutting down energy options.  But it also points out how their excesses are catching up with them, and how a real “fight back” effort can restore common sense and balance.”
— John Fund

“This book is a dynamite blast aimed at Colorado elites whose smugness and complacency are ill-suited to meeting the formidable challenge we now face to the very foundations of our constitutional liberties.”
— Mark Hillman

“There is a destructive movement on the march in America, which is bent on destroying everything we hold dear. The violence in the streets would not be possible without the active collusion of the Democrat Party ­­­­whose elected officials support its agendas. These goals are laid bare in UNMASKED, which is a noble attempt to save this beautiful state.”    
— David Horowitz

“I guarantee Governor Polis and his media cheerleaders will not like this book, an eye-opening chronicle of Colorado’s radical Democrats’ costly mismanagement of the Wuhan Virus pandemic and the budget crisis his foolish shutdown triggered.”
— Michelle Malkin

“Given the lurch to the left by Colorado Democrats, this book is timely and important during this 2020 election and beyond.  The Democratic Party of Roy Romer and Dick Lamm is dead and buried.”
 — Dick Wadhams


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